What�s This All About?

When I read recent reviews of the best-selling thriller, The DaVinci Code, I had the feeling that I had read that book before. So I bought a copy.

After reading The DaVinci Code, I realized I had written that book before.

So, I took a close look at my own novel, Daughter of God (St. Martin�s Press/Forge, January 2000) and found it showed a lot more than the usual genre-based similarities with The DaVinci Code.

Indeed, The DaVinci Code is filled throughout with numerous, outright duplications along with overwhelming and striking similarities to Daughter of God as well two earlier books of mine, The Linz Testament (Donald I. Fine, 1985) and The DaVinci Legacy (Pinnacle, 1983).

As detailed in the analysis of both books, The DaVinci Code duplicates most of Daughter of God�s important elements including:

Indeed, there are very few significant elements of my novel, Daughter of God which do not appear in some form in The DaVinci Code.

Given the numerous outright duplications and very close similarities, I am finding it difficult to accept the hand of coincidence in this and am thus bringing it to the reading public�s attention.


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